This is the 2nd part of a 2-parter story on the case of the missing grasshopper.
Missed the first one, you can read it here

No time for hellos this time around, let's not waste any more time and jump right into the case. 


Detective: Sophia...Sophia...look at me.

Sophia: (*Covering her face with her wings) I..... I don't understand why I am being framed.

Detective: Sophia, don't make this hard for me.

Sophia: I am not.. I was not there..I have nothing to do with his disappearance.

Detective: Sophia, listen to me.

Sophia: (*wipes tear, looks towards the detective)

Detective: I understand why you might have done this. I get frustrated with Grasshoppers as well when they defoliate plants in my backyard. You need to tell me if he is alive or not.

Sophia: But, I don't know.

Detective: You owe it to the family. They need to get closure for their missing son.

Sophia: Why do you think I did it?

Detective: Explain what you are doing in the bushes as seen in the home video footage then?

Sophia: I was just foraging for seeds that I intended to eat for dinner.

Detective: Ok, do you usually eat seeds for dinner.

Sophia: I like to mix it up, eating mostly seeds and grains. Sometimes I will eat some insects if I need more protein in my diet, but lately PETA keeps shaming me for eating insects, so I avoid as much as possible. Even when I do, I would never want to eat a Grasshopper.

Detective: Ok, can you tell me why do you have scratch marks on your beak?

Sophia: (*is caught off guard) I... I... I had a scuffle with some starlings at a local bird feeder last week.

Detective: Tell me what happened? Was it a fit of rage incident?

Sophia: (*nods head) I don't know what to say.

Detective: Sophia, I know your mind is racing right now. So let me tell you what happened and you can correct me if I am wrong.
You went to the bushes, you spotted this juicy grasshopper. So you thought you were going to treat yourself to a nice dinner, but you did not realize what you were signing up for.

Detective: Gregory wasn't your ordinary caterpillar or beetle and he put up a fight. So you, in a fit of rage, decided to show him who's the boss in the streets around here.
So instead of killing him right away, you decide to torture him, make an example out of him. So you banged him against the wall, again and again while he is crying for help.

Detective: And then some more...

Detective: But you did not stop there, you now dismembered his body to simply prove your superiority.

Sophia: STAAAHHHPPPP! How are you making these allegations against me without any evidence?

Detective: In a fit of rage, you did not realize you actually had an audience. There was a house sparrow who witnessed you committing these heinous acts and tipped us off.

Sophia: (*starts sobbing) I am SORRY! I am so SORRY!. I am SORRY... I swear, I could not hear the screams since as you know birds don't have any ears.

Detective: That's another lie. We know all birds have ears, just not visible like human ears, they are simply covered in soft feathers and hence not easily visible. So you heard it scream every single minute you were torturing it.

Sophia: (*starts weeping uncontrollably) I am sorry, I had to do it for my kids. I have 2 kids that I am struggling to feed. And I had to break it up so they could swallow it easily.

Detective: I see but that still does not make this crime any less severe.

Sophia: (*Shows photo of babies at home) It's always about the kids...always about the kids.

Detective: Those are adorable, but it's not up to me to decide what will happen to you. It's the decision of the jury to decide your fate.


The case went to trial in June. Sophia was charged in May with 2nd degree murder and dismemberment.

Criminal charges against Sophia ended in a not guilty verdict after a key witness recanted and the judge cited lack of evidence to support the theory that the insect was tortured.

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