Hello folks who wonder whether the thinnest thing in nature is the toilet paper found in public park restrooms,

Serendipity refers to those delightful and unexpected moments when we encounter something fortunate by chance. Finding a crisp twenty-dollar bill in the pocket of a pair of pants you haven't worn in a while is certainly a serendipitous experience. Overhearing a conversation on the train about how your adored celebrity had a breakup, increasing your chances, is another serendipitous experience. The same cannot be said when a guy met the blond-haired and blue-eyed girl Susan at the college dorm. To be fair, it was serendipitous for the guy, not the girl, since the guy turned out to be Ted Bundy. You get what I mean by serendipity by now. 

Recently, I stumbled across my SD card that had videos undiscovered for over 2 years. The videos you will see are some of these memories that were lost in time and now revived. Some of these won't make a lot of sense which is the case for most all of my blog posts, but especially this one since there is not a lot of context behind why I decided to showcase this except that this was captured on my camera and I never highlighted this footage before.

To start things off, here is a Botta's pocket gopher that filed a restraining order against me citing repeated stalking and harassment.

Not sure about you, but I had never seen 4 Steller's jays hanging around at the same time in the same place. So this might have been why I captured this moment.

Speaking of jays, here is a California scrub jay feeding on a piece of a cookie that one of the participants at the event dropped. Stop judging the scrub jay for its dietary choices.

Here is a California ground squirrel who decides to investigate a darkling beetle to see if it would make a quick snack. "No, thank you", before it moved on.

Back in 2016, scientists published a paper that spoke about how Striped shore crabs can use Prozac® to treat their anxiety levels. These pharmaceutical companies just won't stop selling their products. The one I captured does not seem overly anxious while eating its meal, but I am pretty sure some mental health therapy companies will soon start advertising to these crustaceans.

What do you do when neglectful parents allow their kids to play on the roads where people drive at 45 mph? 
a. Call child protective services. 
b. Neglect the situation and keep watching TikTok. 
c. Shoo the kids and the parents off the road to avoid speeding cars.

Option C is what you see below when some folks tried to help American Avocet parents and its chick to get off the road for their own safety. Also, observe the broken wing display on the right where it thinks this human is a predator and it is trying to attract the predator away from the chick.

Here is another look at the parent and the chick.

Here is a male House Finch feeding its fledglings. The fledgling at the far end cheekily asks, "Dad, can I have your Netflix password?" Ah, kids, always keeping you on your toes wings, right?

I covered this in a previous post over here about neighboring Pavement Ant colonies duking it out.

There are still some more, but I will probably share them in a follow-up post.

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