Hello folks who wonder if climate change activists are the new "I don't know if you've noticed, but I am a vegan",

In this auspicious month of October when everyone gets busy shopping for their Halloween costumes, spending their paychecks on pumpkin spiced lattes, selecting the best pumpkins from their local pumpkin patch, decorating their homes with fake cobwebs, all while enjoying fall foliage, you might think to yourself, "Maybe the world is not going down like the Titanic as I see in the news every minute".

Now, while I appreciate your optimism about this world, I do not want you to become complacent or overtrusting of this species that calls itself Homo Sapiens. You see, for every 99 people who behave as they should, there will occasionally be someone who gets a thrill from doing things that normal people couldn't even imagine in their wildest dreams.

Who are these people monsters you ask?

- People who during peak office hours will give a Venti, Sugar-Free, Non-Fat, Vanilla Soy, Double Shot, Decaf, No Foam, Extra Hot, Peppermint White Chocolate Mocha with Light Whip and Extra Syrup order to the barista while the lines at the coffee shop are running through the door and some.

- People who double dip their chip in the communal sauce. Let me save you the effort and open my mouth so you can spit into it instead.

- People who leave their laundry in the washing machine or dryer for hours in shared laundry facilities demonstrate a clear lack of awareness or concern for the needs of fellow residents.

- People who play their music loudly in public without headphones: Oh hello! If you're going to play it loudly, at least play a Taylor Swift song. Otherwise, it's just an annoying cacophony to my ears.

- People who leave their shopping carts scattered haphazardly in parking lots: Can you explain how those extra 30 seconds saved by not returning the cart properly will be dedicated to finding a cure for cancer or exploring the possibility of life on Mars?

These people just make me lose faith in humanit.....

Karan, just take a deep breath. I can see you're upset. Let's address this calmly.

*exhales deeply. Sorry. You're right, getting angry won't solve this but maybe tweeting about it can.

No, no, no. let's not fall in that trap. I can see something is bothering you. Talk to me.

Lately I've witnessed some wild animal behavior that made me exclaim, "You animal!" In today's post, I'll share a few of these rambunctious creatures and explain why you should watch out for these troublemakers. If you spot any of these miscreants, be sure to report them immediately to your local law enforcement agency.

In the past, I have covered about pigeon courtship rituals in the Let's talk about the birds and the moths and Baby, I am not a player, I just want to get to know you posts. Take a gander if not already, I got a chuckle reading the latter one.

So, I stopped in my tracks when I saw the male making advances towards this female pigeon in San Francisco.

When the female rejected the male's advances, he tried to force himself on her. The awful sight made me sick. Luckily, she managed to escape him just in time. It was good timing, because rather than intervene, I had pulled up my Twitter app, ready to complain about the state of society.

Be on the lookout for this culprit.

People often tell me they enjoy watching the boisterous California sea lions at the Santa Cruz Wharf when visiting. So I decided to check out this spectacle for myself. When I arrived, the area was crowded with families and tourists taking pictures of the sea lions resting on the floating docks below. My first thought was, "I know Santa Cruz is progressive, but geez—put some pants on! There are kids watching." 

I've included a video below of two sea lions shamelessly flaunting their nudist philosophy.

I was willing to let their lack of pants slide, but then one of the sea lions flashed me as I focused my camera! Yes, you read that right - this sea lion exposed itself to me. I looked around and the tourists were giggling at this vulgar behavior. How are we not condoning this? Let's stop encouraging such inappropriate antics.

Be on the lookout for this culprit.

Lastly, one aspect that deeply troubles us about our politicians is when they deceive us. Honesty and trust are fundamental to our society, where everyone plays a role in keeping things running smoothly. Consequently, when this trust is undermined, people begin to lose faith in the system, causing the very foundations of society that depend on it to weaken.

California Ground Squirrels present themselves as vegans, but they occasionally express dissatisfaction with the protein content of their food and resort to supplementing their diet with insects like grasshoppers and beetles. When I observed one engaging in peculiar behavior while concealing something, I felt compelled to investigate.

I experienced a feeling of betrayal upon realizing it was a chicken drumstick. This behavior displayed by the ground squirrel inadvertently contributes to the unethical factory farming practices prevalent in the poultry industry. Moreover, please refrain from portraying yourself as a herbivore.

Be on the lookout for this culprit.

It's hard to stay hopeful in a world filled by these kinds of monsters. 
Oh hold on a second.
Papa Johns just released TWIX® PAPA BITES. Scratch that, maybe the world isn't all that bad after all!

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