Hello folks who wonder if self driving cars will also learn to honk at the idiot in the front car who is on the phone when the traffic light turns green,


I have a colleague at work who I suspect is getting abused in her relationship. The first event that raised my eyebrows was when her partner proposed to her when no one was around. It is common knowledge that unless a proposal is made at a football stadium with the message on the scoreboard and thousands of drunk sports fans cheering, it is not true love. Another event that confirmed my suspicions is when they were able to pay off their wedding costs with their savings. That is clearly not a dream wedding because they did not take on any debt! When I asked her about it, she responded that she is perfectly happy in this marriage, but I have a feeling that she is being intimidated. I need to get my colleague out of this toxic relationship as soon as I can. Should I consult law enforcement or domestic abuse helpline to get her out of this crisis? Let me know what I should do. - EMOTIONALLY INVESTED.


A way to handle this situation would be to stay in your lane. Their relationship is none of your effin business. And while you are at it, get a hobby. - ABBY


We all grew up watching Disney cartoons which always show an ideal state of the world where the world is clearly delineated between good and evil. So, it comes as a shock to most of us when we take a peek at how things actually happen in nature. Yes, that means in reality to attract animals towards you one does not need a pure heart like Snow White but instead some white bread.

Adult Male Dragonflies will ferociously defend their territories from other males. They will keep an eye out for incoming females or competing males. Some will proactively patrol the area like the one below.

While some will be on the lookout for intruders from a perch.

So, one thing about tandem biking is that it is a lot like dancing. Both partners have to be in sync, if one partner is slacking the other partner has to pick up the slack.

Tandem flying is something dragonfly couples will do. The male will hold on to any incoming female by the back of her neck. This is possible because of claspers at the end of his abdomen as shown below.

Flying in tandem is the first step before they initiate the mating. At this time the male will hold her neck to keep her "in line" as one would say. Now if you thought this was triggering, wait till you find out what happens next.

After the couple has finished mating, the male will hold her by the neck and force the female dragonfly to deposit the fertilized eggs in his presence.

Now this might trigger some people and their immediate thought would be to take to twitter and other social media platforms to cancel male damselflies. Despite looking rude or abusive there are evolutionary benefits for this behavior. You see, if the male does not supervise the female depositing those eggs, another male will come and scoop out the previous male's sperm and deposit his genes. This way of supervising the female depositing eggs will avoid any surprises when the kid does a 23&Me test in the future. Here is another male coming to wet his beak, but is turned away politely.

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