Hello folks who wonder if in the future spirits communicating via ouija board will make small talk for free before asking to purchase a premium membership to continue the conversation,

What do you call a scenario when you are trying to read a book or take a nap and a bunch of crows are going crazy cawing?

Corvid-19 pandemic.

Crows graduate from an Ivy League family called the "Corvids". This family houses one of most intellectual birds known to humans. Birds in this family can often be seen asking questions like "Why are Moths attracted to light?" or why are there "Righties" and "Lefties"? For most humans, engaging in these conversations does not raise their Instagram follower count, hence few ever entertain such questions. But these corvids persist.

Below are a couple of crows I overheard discussing the meaning of life. I thought they were discussing the gossip about the Bachelorette Season Finale, but I made a run for it once I found these conversations were getting philosophical.

Occasionally, we will see glimpses of the ability of these corvids to reason and understand things. Birds do not have teeth, no it is not because they lost them in a fight. It is evolution just showing them who is wearing the pants in this strange relationship. Without teeth, they cannot chew their food down or crush hard shells to extract the soft seed. But crows have figured out that if they can get the hard shell crushed using nutcrackers or hammers, then they can make an easy snack of the seeds.

Humans, as we do, hate competition from other animals and banned crows from ever purchasing nutcrackers or hammers. "They are taking away our jobs", we shouted. The crowd cheered. So the crows had to figure out another way to get around this problem.

On a trip to Seattle in 2019 (I knew you folks would judge if I did not mention the year, it's just the way the world works now) I spotted this American Crow sitting on top of a street light swallowing all the mushy or easily tearable parts.

But for the hard shells, it would drop it at the pedestrian crossing, so the cars passing by would crush the hard shell by their weight(not weight shaming here, cars are heavy by default just so you know). This is an ideal place because it gives them time to collect the tender seed when the cars are not passing during a red traffic signal light. Then they would casually walk down the pedestrian crossing and scoop the seed. Seen below one walking like it's no one's business.

And over here it is eating the rewards of the trick performed.

And leave as soon as a car comes too close. Now only if it can learn to press the pedestrian call button before crossing since that is the polite thing to do.

For those haters who think birds do not have etiquette, eat your shoe.

Below is a group of Gulls outside the Seattle Seahawks stadium packing food in Ziploc bags on the way to work since their colleagues complained about making the entire refrigerator stink with the fishes they bring for lunch.

There are so many stories taking place around us as we walk around the block. It is up to us to stop and notice them.

Recently on a visit to the park, when the kids and their parents did not allow me to play on the slide in the playground, I started looking around for other stuff to keep me entertained.

That is when I stumbled upon this tiny Jumping Spider. (mind you this is really tiny spider, that I had trouble locating it multiple times)

Since I was waiting for the kids and their parents to leave the playground so I could have the slide all to myself, I started following this spider. Jumping spiders suffer from commitment issues and don't like to be in one place or relationship, hence they will be always on the move without a permanent web. Jumping spiders can be found stalking their prey since they have better eyesight than other spiders who watch TV from literally 1 foot away(Crazy, I know..the parents are guilty in reinforcing such behavior). Some time later, I managed to glimpse a hunt taking place where the Jumping spider attacks a Barklice nymph after briefly stalking it.

Then it injects the venom and drains the liquefied insides of the poor soul.

To give you an estimate of the scale of this drama going on in front of my eyes, I have used my finger as reference.

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