Hello folks who wonder if ice creams are the most convenient mental health professionals in society,

Let's take a look at two lives and determine which one has made better decisions.

The first one we will look at is Molly.

You see, Molly slogged to get where she is today i.e. a medical doctor at some hospital which got catered meals for the last two months, but have recently stopped because the masses got distracted with the recent Kardashian family drama (which btw is the most pressing issue in the nation right now in my opinion). So the question is how did she get to this stage?

  1. Finish high school
  2. Complete an undergraduate education
  3. Pass the MCAT exams
  4. Complete training at medical school
  5. Pass the US medical licensing examination
  6. Graduate from medical school and start residency
  7. Earn board certification
  8. Get a state license
  9. Start working at some hospital (they did not have catered meals when she joined)

Just looking at the list you know Molly had to work really hard to reach the place where she is now. What does she get after putting in all the work? People who blame her for trying to con patients when she warns them to take precautions during the pandemic and that she is a sellout for big pharma.

Now, let's take a look at Irene. Irene barely completed high school and is her own boss. She spends her days doing odd dance moves in public places or lip-syncing to songs while enacting them. Then she uploads these to the TikTok platform. She earns in millions and her followers tell her she is a role model for the next generation. Although she works hard, she works smarter to get where she is at today. She grabs opportunity when she sees it.

So let's switch focus from Irene and Molly to these Snowy Egrets.

The snowy Egret shown below is a hard worker who will patiently wait till a fish swims near it and then in a flash capture its prey. Then it will repeat the process till it is no longer hungry or it starts feeling guilty of its expanding waistlines.

But what if you do not want to work that hard. Some egrets have figured out a smarter way to find food. As seen in an earlier post, we know that American White Pelicans will display cooperative feeding behavior to herd a group of fish to shallow water and then go crazy while feeding on them. Some egrets saw this as a perfect opportunity to catch some fishes instead of waiting for their luck or fate to throw a fish towards them.

Below you can see these Snowy Egrets tailing the American white pelicans to try their luck in grabbing some spare fishes out of the batch of fishes that have been cornered by the pelicans.

Doesn't it annoy you when celebrities who are constantly being stalked by the paparazzi, one day lose their cool and start lecturing TMZ to give them their personal space. One thing that these celebrities often forget is that our celebrity obsessed culture treats TMZ as our church and celebrity gossip as our gospel. Hence celebrities have no right to tell us to leave them alone because we simply don't have other interesting things to do in our life other than peeking into the lives of celebrities.

Birders will do the same, stalking birds that do not want to be stalked and not giving up even if that bird flies away.

Look at the scene below and tell me what you spot.

Among the drab looking vegetation is hiding a juvenile
Green Heron.

It is unfortunate that they are so secretive because they never fail to entertain me whenever I see one.

Below is another juvenile Green Heron catching a dragonfly who got a little too cocky with all the Instagram likes it got for its aerobatic maneuvers. It was just a matter of time before the Heron showed who wears the pants in this food chain.

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