Hello folks who wonder if God truly did not want Adam and Eve to eat the forbidden fruit maybe using kale instead of an apple is not a terrible idea,

Boasting about having the smallest is not as satisfying to men across the world as claiming to have the biggest, hence most of you might have not heard about this tiny fellow.

I am talking about the 
Western Pygmy Blue butterfly. This butterfly constantly produces one of the smallest butterflies in North America, although there are other contenders for being equally small on other continents. What makes it challenging to vie for the smallest title is some individuals in the same species might be smaller, but if you ask me to name the smallest dog I would put my money on the Chihuahua breed and not on the Great Dane breed.

This butterfly measures as tiny as 12 mm(that is the approximate width of an average fingernail) when asked to spread its wings and is commonly found in salt marshes and wastelands. I often see it snacking on 
Alkali Heath flowers, although the larval form seems to prefer a range of host plants.

Below is the butterfly on my index finger asking me if I have a XXXXXXS t-shirt for it. Just for the record, I said no they do not make such small t-shirt sizes and it accused me of body shaming. Whateva.

Since it is that tiny, let's take a closer look to appreciate its beauty. In the video below it is cloning my fingerprints so it can unlock my phone and play candy crush when I am distracted.

Garden Snails like most folks on a chilly night, do not like to come out of their warm, cozy beds, unless they want to find the tv remote, eat chips or go to pee.

When emerging from their shells, they will emerge with their head first followed by their pair of upper and lower tentacles(eye-stalks). What is fascinating is the way it was tucked in when it retreats into its shell.
I do something similar with my tummy when I am at a party, little do people around me know I haven't taken a breath for the last 3 minutes.
Below is the garden snail, unpacking its head and eye-stalks when the coast is clear.

And now you might be wondering if the upper pair of tentacles are its eyes, what is the purpose of the lower tentacles? Is it growing a moustache in support of No-Shave November?

As it turns out, the lower pair of tentacles have olfactory neurons which helps the snails smell or taste what it is going to eat for dinner. They might also use it to find their way around just like dogs.
That is why it will be pointed at the ground to stay on the trail unless it is texting and moving which is a strict NO-NO and can result in having their shells confiscated.

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