Hello folks who wonder if water bottle stickers are the new refrigerator magnets,

I am going out on a limb and say this, "We are living in the most stressful time in human history".

Take for example, the phenomenon when you have 55+ open tabs on your Chrome browser and instead of minimizing the browser window, you accidentally end up closing it. Or even the classic case of forgetting to bring your smartphone when you go to use the bathroom. In the midst of such a stressful life, you are always looking for ways to escape reality. Enter Romance fiction novels.

Romance fiction novels allow the readers to go through all the trials and tribulations of a relationship without any long term trauma. The thing that is the most appealing is that no matter what happens to that couple, even though the society, family or friends do not approve of their relationship, they will end up together in the end. If not in the first book, then surely in the third one if it is a part of a trilogy.

One thing that they hardly talk about in these romance novels, is the importance of the "me" time. Investing in me time is not a selfish gesture or a sign that the relationship is on the rocks, it is a healthy way of prioritizing your individual needs and desires. Wow, since when did this become a relationship counselling blog, Karan?

This November brought a lot of things. Cold weather, an extra hour of sleep, the first rains of the season and termites swarming after the first rains. I have covered termite swarms in my previous posts over here and here if you want to get the context behind this phenomenon. Rest of you who just simply subscribe for the moving pictures, continue browsing.

Attracted by the female scent pheromones, the males will land near the females, eject their wings and closely tail the female termite with whom they want to settle down with. If you observe, the female is in front with the male following on its heels. The female termite knows the male is following because of the constant contact of the male head with the female abdomen.

At first it looks like the male termite does not know the meaning of consent and its behavior can be even construed as aggressive by today's standards.

But then, I saw a behavior that I hadn't observed in the past. The males inspired by the Guns N' Roses classic ballad November Rain verse,

Sometimes, I need some time on my own
Sometimes, I need some time all alone
Ooh, everybody needs some time on their own
Ooh, don't you know you need some time all alone?
will suddenly stop following the females and catch up on some TikTok videos or do some soul-searching. The female sensing the male has stopped following her, will stop in her tracks and patiently wait for the male to join the chase. She will also keep her abdomen raised to lure the male back.

And soon enough, the male will rejoin the female and this love struck couple will soon dig a burrow and mate inside a special chamber called the "nuptial chamber" away from prying eyes. 😢

I was browsing my collection of videos that I still need to use in my blog posts and I stumbled upon this one titled, "Eastern Gray squirrel eats fries" and since I want to get rid of older content that doesn't fit in a theme, I will share some of those random videos at the end of future posts.

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