Hello folks who wonder if people who look forward to work on Mondays need to take a mental assessment as soon as possible,

Now that people are finally starting to get out and going back to work with or without masks, let us take a minute to show gratitude for that one thing that was instrumental in helping us get through the past 2 uneventful years.

  • Nurses? Nope, btw we already sent them free food once, so no more gratitude for them till another pandemic arrives.

  • Frozen meals?  Good call, but still does not hit the mark, since most people started using DoorDash or other food delivery services since most people couldn't even microwave a frozen meal correctly.

  • Zoom? Nah, we hated our colleagues even before seeing them virtually daily on zoom.
The correct answer is "Tiger King". The one thing that united all Americans during the shelter in-place was about a tv series that shows what makes the US of A such an exciting place to live in. Guns, animal abuse, drugs, reality TV drama, attempted murder, conspiracy theory and freedom. Can it get any better, I ask you. One thing that everyone might know even without watching Tiger King, is to not annoy a tiger if you want to walk away unhurt.

Now, you might think some animals are cute and cuddly. But that is because you are not a part of their food chain. A seal is cute and chubby to your eyes, not for the fish it hunts. A polar bear looks so innocent, not for the seal it will end up hunting. Similarly, the beetle below looks like one you want to pick up and take it home to introduce it to your family.

That beetle shown above is a Tiger Beetle and just like a tiger, they are always on the prowl for their next meal. Since they are always running around, it is hard to see the reason for terror in the eyes of their prey. So we simulate that situation here.
Over here, I have held it using a set of tweezers. It will be clear shortly why holding them using my bare fingers would have been a bad idea.

This beetle will pounce on their prey just like a tiger would, out of nowhere and have their mandibles (jaws) grip it so tightly that it can't run away. In order for me to prompt it to show its mandibles, I just had to say "Say CHEESE!"

If you made it to this part, which I always wonder if people are simply skimming my blog for the moving pictures or actually reading the content. Well, if you are reading it, I have some news for you. The blog will be more intermittent for the next few months, with reasons ranging from travel plans to other commitments. So please don't call the cops if you don't see any action in your inbox every Monday, it is not because I have overdosed on Fentanyl in a hotel room. Well, not yet.

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