Hello folks who wonder if dreaming every night is like sitting through a crappy indie film festival,

Let us read a section of a theory listed in the image below. It might be overwhelming for a few of you folks, but just power through. I might ask questions later on, so please pay attention to what you are reading.

Thanks, but no thanks Karan for giving me a headache. For those of you who don't have any friends or a Netflix account, feel free to read the rest of that theory over here. Now let's take a moment to read and absorb this glorious piece of news:

Now that is exactly what the world needs right now. This is precisely why humanity has conquered so many frontiers. Now, if you were asked "how long did it feel to read through the first theory?", answers might range from the mundane 5 minutes to eternity. And that makes sense, if you do not enjoy doing something the brain finds the current situation as unfulfilling and hence the perception of time as moving painfully slow. In the case of reading the gossip about Britney, time moves ultra-fast because we care more about others' lives than we do about ours. So, you see, time is relative. Everyone perceives it differently.

Flies perceive time slower than humans or in other words time does not fly for flies. In a way the world around them is like reading that Szipiro Conjecture theory all the time. This is due to the fact that the tiny brain of a fly does not have to make decisions based on a historical reference while processing information that the eye and other senses are sending to its brain. Hence it is able to process information much faster.
This is how a fly brain would process information.

But we humans are a hot complicated mess. There are so many things we consider before making a decision. Let's take the example of a person approaching you.

Hence something that looks like this to us.

Looks something like this to flies since they process these visual signals much faster and hence time appears almost 4 times as slow to them as it does to us.

And this is why when you get a little too close to their comfort, like I did to ask for its vaccine passport, it flew off before I could tap on its shoulders. I had the suspicion they were one of the COVID-19 deniers and now it is confirmed. No wonder flies are not smart enough to build planes and fly around the world to spread the message of "stop climate change". Go team Humans!

Flies are different from other insects because they don't have 2 pairs of wings. Instead, they have just one pair of forewings with another organ called haltere that it uses instead of hind wings. These dumbbell shaped organs aka halteres are visible on a fly that I roofied.

These halteres are used to balance the fly during flight and they will constantly oscillate when the fly is in flight. Below is one held by its wing, so it can't fly away but its haltere is moving as it is trying to lift off and then goes back to its rest position after it realizes it is a lost cause.

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  1. mammal shed...trash cart...someone has better things to do with his volunteer time than volunteering...

    I learned so much today about the Szpiro Conjecture! 10/10 stars


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