Hello folks who wonder if time saved from eating fast food is compensated by time lost from life expectancy,

There are two simple but popular ways in the mainstream to save the Earth from the inevitable climate change crisis:
  1. Donate $1 in your lifetime to some non-profit who has the earth surrounded by hands as a logo that will spend that dollar in future unsolicited mails.
  2. Post a picture of a random plant or flower on Instagram during Earth day every year with the #earthday and #savenature hashtags. (Use filters for more appeal)

And there are other ways that are just too hard to follow on a day-to-day basis like reducing food waste, changing the way you get around, blah blah and some more blah blah. You know what I am talking about. Stop acting all surprised and pretending like this is news to you.

To show how self-righteous I really am, here is what I did that might have just saved Planet Earth. The other day I was pouring some milk for my cereal. Wait, did I tell you it was plant-based milk, yeah, the only one that you have to tell others about before drinking, so kudos to me. Well, thank you.

And then suddenly it ran dry.

To avoid food wastage, I had to squeeze every last drop of that milk. And I had to think out of the box to do that.

So that is it folks, I must have just saved Planet Earth from going south with my good deed. All of you can now just sit back and relax while I wait for the Nobel Prize to be delivered to my apartment.

One thing we don't realize is wasting food is not something that is common across the insect world. Since food is hard to come by, insects have to make the most of the opportunity when they stumble upon it. Let's take the example of the Green Lacewing Larva. This is what it might look to your naked eye and you could be excused for assuming there is nothing to see here.

But I promise if you stick around you will get to see something spectacular. Here is how the Green Lacewing Larva looks up-close. Notice the menacing pincher-like mouthparts.

It will wander around aimlessly till it stumbles upon an aphid and then the fun begins.

Once captured they will lift it in the air to drain the body of its fluids. Similar to you lifting your water bottle to drink when gravity gives you a helping hand. See the aphid struggling helplessly in the air and even some honeydew leaking from its orifices.

If you watch it long enough, you will notice the aphid shrinking in size and surrendering to its fate.

But sucking the life of this helpless soul is not enough, they will sip till the last drop.

Now the green lacewing larva is just showing off its trophy after it has been sucked dry.

This aphid is unaware of where it is going to end up in the next few minutes.

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