Hello folks who wonder if the Northern Mockingbird often gets accused of cultural appropriation by other songbirds for mimicking their songs,

Take a minute and look around you. What do you see? Well, that depends on where you are reading this post, but let's say you are in a public place, what would you see? Yes, that's right. You would see other people (in masks). On the surface most of those look normal, but when you get to know them better you eventually find out everyone is kind of a weirdo having weird habits that might/might not be public knowledge. Speeding over a bridge in fear of it collapsing, holding your breath for 10 secs after someone coughs, ordering pineapple and apples on your pizza, making sure the TV volume is always an even number, whatever your jam is, someone will find it weird.

Most songbirds are content with the typical vanilla style of foraging, i.e., hop on the ground, spot food, eat it, repeat like this White-crowned sparrow.

While some songbirds like this Yellow-rumped Warbler wanted something more exciting to talk about at the next office party and thus hog the limelight. So, they will take some risks, like this one. My dear, how adventurous...

And then, there are these weirdos. White-breasted nuthatches take the cake in this department. These birds will be often seen scaling a tree trunk upside down instead of the traditional style i.e., downside up.

This is possible because they never miss a single leg day workout which seems obvious when you see how their legs and long toes help them to grip the bark of the tree and hold their weight while looking at gravity in the eye.

Remember the hundreds of pacific newt jerky I would come across in my time patrolling the Alma Bridge Road.(What am I talking about?) On a recent newt patrol, I came across something unusual. Two live pacific newts who were taking their own sweet time to cross the road. "Honey, people are not even waiting the entire 9 months to get their baby delivered anymore, you can't take this long to cross this road when Amazon delivers groceries in under an hour" I said before picking them up and taking them across the finish line. Yes, some might say they cheated in this race but life is never fair.

Here is a close-up of the other one.

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